Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Final Year Project

Before I start this project, I made a public statement. This is how I’m being determined about things that I wanna do.

Its final project, and im going back to basic. Fully hand drawn and physical model from A all the way to Z, no 3D software no nothing. 
If I fail, so be it. Whats life without any risk XD”

When I said “if I fail so be it,” I was prepared to fail. I don’t care if it’s gonna work or not, what I care is I need to put enough effort to make it works. If it don’t, so be it. I’m gonna do it again. Or not? Who knows. Haha

But, I did it. Pass the course, and made it into the exhibition. To be honest, at some point, this project is not about me finishing my master anymore. It is about me proving to myself how far my hand drawing can take me. Well, pretty far, just not as far as I expected.

Anyway, started with a few model. The idea is about hand gesture. I guess it was my final project, so I thought I should settle with something that I like. Can’t think about anything else, I settle with the form of hand. Honestly at this point, I was just having fun. :D

And after that, I straight away went to hand drawing. This is where I made my mistake. I made a model, then move to hand drawn. You see, in creating or designing a space, model and drawing is inseparable. Both work hand in hand, you always need to go back and forth between these two methods to come up with a good design. What I did was ; work with model, then move to hand drawn without revisit the model. Ever. Huge mistake. But… that’s that. Lesson learned.

Other problem was that I was designing 3 different building separately. So basically I had 3 different forms to resolve at the same time. It was way beyond my capacity within the amount of time that we’ve given.

So yup, I need to resolve the building as fast as I can because I need a lot of time to do the final drawings. The whole project ended up pretty humble with a lot of incompletion. Only one of the buildings was fully resolve, the other two buildings including the landscape/complex that connecting all the building as well as the site are at the lowest quality.

So, I passed the course, the lecturer didn’t failed me, but I failed myself. Honestly, deep inside, I wish I can redo this course. :P

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