Thursday, July 25, 2013


Inspired by a verse from the Quran
"...your wives are garment to you, and you are garment to them" (2:187)

I actually did this for a competition. Didn’t even make it to the finalist. Haha. NO! The guy are not some Navi people from avatar. It was supposed to be black or gray, or black and white. But it didn’t look good that way. So I decide to use blue instead.

You know, sometimes I wonder why a lot of artists always do stuff that hard for the people to interpret. And even if they did, it’s quite hard to get it right because at the end of the day, who the fuck know what the artist was thinking. And I always wonder why the artist never put any effort to reveal it. Since I start this blog, I realize why.

Most of the time, we do art based on emotion, based on what we feel, sometimes about things that we wanna scream about, yet we just couldn’t. Sometimes revealing the meaning of one artwork is like revealing the artist himself and sometimes it gets too personal. A portfolio is like a diary, though it’s not always the case. Yup, I found really hard for me to talk about every single thing. Too public. :P

Yes this was inspired by the verse mention above, and it is about that. But there’s more meaning to it. Remember people, any complicated and intense artwork hardly goes without meanings. 

hari tu kater nak tulis pasal vocab, sampai la tak buat. -___-"

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