Thursday, July 25, 2013


Inspired by a verse from the Quran
"...your wives are garment to you, and you are garment to them" (2:187)

I actually did this for a competition. Didn’t even make it to the finalist. Haha. NO! The guy are not some Navi people from avatar. It was supposed to be black or gray, or black and white. But it didn’t look good that way. So I decide to use blue instead.

You know, sometimes I wonder why a lot of artists always do stuff that hard for the people to interpret. And even if they did, it’s quite hard to get it right because at the end of the day, who the fuck know what the artist was thinking. And I always wonder why the artist never put any effort to reveal it. Since I start this blog, I realize why.

Most of the time, we do art based on emotion, based on what we feel, sometimes about things that we wanna scream about, yet we just couldn’t. Sometimes revealing the meaning of one artwork is like revealing the artist himself and sometimes it gets too personal. A portfolio is like a diary, though it’s not always the case. Yup, I found really hard for me to talk about every single thing. Too public. :P

Yes this was inspired by the verse mention above, and it is about that. But there’s more meaning to it. Remember people, any complicated and intense artwork hardly goes without meanings. 

hari tu kater nak tulis pasal vocab, sampai la tak buat. -___-"


This is my very first facebook art, I guess. I’m not sure what people call it. But I did this specifically for my time line on facebook. Tried my best to match my profile picture with the cover picture, haha (but I already change my profile picture by now). Not a serious work really. If you look closely, few of the lines are not black in colour. That’s because I used coloured pens. Quite disappointed with how it appear on the screen after I scan it and I tried to fix it with photoshop, but it was too much work and I was in a rush to finish it. So I just leave it like that. Basically I used coloured pen to differentiate the subjects. Once the I put too much lines, the thing gets too complicated and it’s gonna be hard to tell apart the subjects. So yeah, fish is one of my favourite subjects.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Character Design

Character Design!!! YAY!!!! I should have more of them! I really should! And I should have colored all of them!!! aaarrrggghhhaslkddgkdflhkjsafjhsadgaklejgahsdhgkil!!!

Drawing with emotion

These are not the only drawings that I've drawn base on emotion. I have more, but most of them are a little bit too personal. HAHA. haaaiiihhh.... so these are the only few that I can publish to the public. uurrgghhh... This is so hard for me.

I couldn't remember why, but I was in a lot of pain. haha. Something went wrong I guess and I couldn't take it. I'm not sure! I just couldn't remember. 

Stress doing my assignment. duuuh

aaarrrrghhhh!! kantoi penah heart broken!! askjasgjklasdgdfuck!


I believe, each and every person that like to draw at some point in their life will end up drawing their own avatar. Yup. These are mine. All of them. Obviously were drawn at different time.

to tell you the truth, this
I drawn in front of a
mirror. Yup, dont look a
damn like me. 

Doodling :D

I should have more of these. I will upload more. I hope I will. Most of these were drawn during boring lecture and while waiting for my part time shift.

what did i tell you

Chibi Chara

You know what so hard for me? Drawing a chibi character. Damn it I'm so bad at it. These were drawn with some reference, but still look crap. -___-"