Thursday, July 25, 2013


This is my very first facebook art, I guess. I’m not sure what people call it. But I did this specifically for my time line on facebook. Tried my best to match my profile picture with the cover picture, haha (but I already change my profile picture by now). Not a serious work really. If you look closely, few of the lines are not black in colour. That’s because I used coloured pens. Quite disappointed with how it appear on the screen after I scan it and I tried to fix it with photoshop, but it was too much work and I was in a rush to finish it. So I just leave it like that. Basically I used coloured pen to differentiate the subjects. Once the I put too much lines, the thing gets too complicated and it’s gonna be hard to tell apart the subjects. So yeah, fish is one of my favourite subjects.  

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